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The Birth of the ?Buddhist Vatican?

When Buddhists from all around the world want to gather together to share their knowledge, inspiration, and experience, there is no one place they can call home. Many Buddhist leaders have shared the vision of creating a permanent home centered in a major temple housing statues of the ancient Buddhas, surrounded by smaller temples built by the various different sects and organizations as the capital of Buddhism. Furthermore, it would be open and accessible to the general public, an inviting and beautifully designed space in which to experience the rich diversity of Buddhist culture and practice all in one place.



This concept was very well supported by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. So, a search for a proper site began in early 2010. After visiting and considering several different locations and potential sites, the present project site at the Holy Heavenly Lake was most favored by the search team. A key factor in the decision for this project site was the presence of the lake, which made possible the vision of a spiritual oasis, in the form of a harmonious water garden that both physically and symbolically connects the various sects to the central temple.


In 2015, the site and the initial conceptual site plan were presented to His Holiness, who expressed support for both. It was further decided that a Residence for His Holiness would be constructed next to the Main Temple. All major sects of Buddhism ? including Zen, Pure-land, Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya and Gelug? expressed their commitment to establish their temples or Dharma Centers in the compound. This will be the first time in history that all of the major sects are gathered at one location.

2015年,搜尋小組上報給南無第三世多杰羌佛該地點和最初的概念性地區計劃,佛陀對此均表示支持。後來進一步決定,將在主要寺廟旁邊建造一座佛陀的住所。佛教所有的主要教派 – 包括禪宗,凈土,寧瑪派,噶舉派,薩迦派和格魯派 – 也都表達了他們會在大型寺院週圍大院建立寺廟或佛法中心的承諾。這將是歷史上第一次將所有主要教派聚集在一起的一個地方。

As many groups around the world are eager to bring their centers to this capital of Buddhism, our development, planning and operation strive to ensure high standard of environmental sustainability, coherent integration and high quality of design and construction will take place here. Far from a real estate development subdivided for maximum profit, this project comes together to form a long-standing iconic landmark that is sure to bring the City of Hesperia renown and prosperity.


Goals and Objectives

1. To develop Buddhist Town at Holy Heavenly Lake into the Buddhist ?Vatican? – the spiritual center for all Buddhists around the world.


2. To become the foremost Buddhist tourist attraction and destination?a beautiful ground full of exquisite architecture, landscaping, sculpture, and picturesque natural scenery and amenities.

成為第一流的佛教旅遊景點和目的地 – 一個充滿精美建築,景觀美化,雕塑,風景如畫自然景色和設施便利的美麗土地。

3. To provide a welcoming oasis for both the general public and Buddhist followers, in which to experience the rich diversity of Buddhist culture and practices in one place.


4. To practice the Buddha?s teachings in daily activities, to teach and to exemplify the spirit of ?benefiting all sentient beings,? to pray for world peace, to practice the Four Unlimited Minds (Mercifulness, Compassion, Joyfulness, Giving) toward all people and beings.


The 128-acre site will be developed based on a theme of an open water village. It is designed for various Buddhist groups and sects from around the world to come and build their own temples and Dharma centers along the waterway surrounding the Main Temple ? Temple of True Dharma by the World Buddhism Association Headquarters. The water both physically and symbolically unites the buildings.




Artist’s Rendition of the Zhengxing Yuan Garden










佛教城聖天湖的誕生與規劃介紹 有 “ 6 則迴響 ”



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