H.H.第三世多杰羌佛, H.H.DorjeChangBuddhaIII, 南無第三世多杰羌佛

The Status of Namo His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III as the Highest Leader of Buddhism in the World Is Not Self-Conferred

The Buddha status of Namo His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III is not an appellation used by Buddhists for expressing respect. Rather, that resulted from the recognitions conducted by the Dharma kings, regent Dharma kings, and eminent monastics who have the authority of recognition according to the recognition system of Buddhism. They are all first-rate eminent monastics and greatly virtuous ones representing various sects and schools in the Buddhist circle in the current world. Each of them separately wrote their own official letter of recognition or corroborative recognition with the authority of recognition of Buddhism for Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.